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We Buy Multifamily Properties & Grow Native Plants and Fruit Trees On Them


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Grow Inn Homes is a family owned and operated real estate investment team located in Florida. We specialize in buying commercial multifamily “garden style” apartment complexes. We grow fruit trees and native Florida plants on our Grow Inn Homes multifamily portfolio properties for our tenants and the surrounding community. Have you ever heard of these fruit trees: Rollinia, Atemoya, Soursop, Canistel, Jaboticaba, Coconut Cream Mangoes, Nam Wah Bananas, Jack Fruit, Sugar Apple, Papaya…?

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Learn Our Game Plan to Use Multifamily Investing As Our Vehicle to Help Positively Change the World
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We are a family owned and operated Real Estate Investment Team. With nearly a decade of experience, our ability to evaluate properties and stay up to date with market trends has allowed us to constantly evolve.ย 

Our amazing team is working hard to bring our dreams of a more regenerative earth to reality. We share the vision of making this world a better place by connecting one another, teaching people how to grow, beautifying communities and living in one with our natural world.

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