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We at Grow Inn Homes have very big goals and aspirations. Our mission is to inspire families to adopt healthier habits. To be a model for a more regenerative future that benefits both people and the planet. We feel that helping people get back into nature is a spark that will benefit our world and the future generations to come. As John Lennon would say, “you may say that [we] are dreamers, but [we’re] not the only ones”. We understand that this is going to require a lot of energy and an amazing team of fellow dreamers. That thought excites us, makes us feel alive. So here we are on our journey, Cultivating Commercial Real Estate.

Time stamp April 25, 2023, we currently own 6 units of commercial real estate. By 2025 we will have at least 100 units of commercial real estate under management. Wealth building is in the hold. The residential real estate “fix and flip” game is transactional, it’s a lot like stocks. Buy low and sell high. It works, and we still do residential fix and flip projects as of right now but we are evolving. We are transitioning out of residential single family and going full time into buying multi family, apartment complexes, garden style multifamily, and other forms of rental income commercial real estate. With all the experience and knowledge from the 150+ residential projects under our belt we are confident.

You may be wondering why “Grow Inn Homes?” Here are a few of the reasons:
  1. We are filling our Multi Family properties green space we purchase with “edible landscaping”. Fruit trees, herbs, edible flowers, native pollinating flowers, and various types of native chop and drop support species. Lush gardens for our residence to enjoy and eat from. We use no chemical fertilizers, all natural! (See our Natural Planting & Edible Landscaping blogs)
  2. Our buildings are called “Grow Inn’s.” Each will have slightly different edible landscaping systems based on the climate in that part of Florida. The farther south the more tropical varieties of plants and fruits, the farther north properties will have more cold tolerant varieties.
  3. Not only are we growing beautiful edible gardens but also “growing the homes”. One of our search criterias is apartment complexes in need of TLC. We purchase them, renovate the units, add new windows and/or a roof (if needed), and other miscellaneous projects to grow the value of the property.
If you or anyone you know has a multi family property or rental portfolio that they are thinking about selling we would love to connect! Let’s go grab a bite to eat or go to a local coffee shop. We would love to hear your stories about your different buildings, and the tips you’ve learned along the way. Give us a call now at (954) 231-3954 or visit our home page and type in your property information and fill out our contact form. We are looking forward to connecting! Much Growth and Abundance, Grow Inn Homes

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