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How do I keep my property protected from hurricane damage?

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It’s hurricane season in Florida! Many of us want to make sure we are fully prepared to go through a hurricane before it hits us. We are all aware that we need to stock up on grocery items, however, we must not forget about things we can do to protect our property, whether that be our home, our apartment complexes, office buildings or retail spaces. When it comes to properties in hurricane-prone areas, like Florida,  it’s crucial to consider a range of features and preparations to enhance their resilience against hurricanes and tropical storms. 
In this article, we will talk about different features that you can add to your property to help protect against hurricanes.

Some important hurricane features and considerations for properties are as follows:

  1. Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors:
    To guard against flying debris and strong winds, it’s crucial to install impact-resistant windows and doors. These can aid in preventing the wind from penetrating your property and generating pressure differentials that might result in structural damage.

  2. Roof Reinforcement:
    Ensuring that your roof is well-anchored and reinforced is key. This is what gives you shelter from a hurricane. To more efficiently tie the roof structure to the walls, hurricane straps or clips are a good idea. To stop water penetration and structural damage, a roof that is maintained and structurally sound is crucial. It’s also a good idea to inspect your roof before hurricane season so that you don’t leave it until the last minute.

  3. Impact-Resistant Roofing:
    Consider impact-resistant roofing materials to reduce the risk of roof damage from hail or debris during a hurricane.

  4. Hurricane Shutters:
    Install impact-resistant window coverings or hurricane shutters to shield windows and glass doors from damage during a storm. These can lessen the chance of wind-driven rain entering your property and assist in preventing glass from shattering.

  5. Garage Door Reinforcement:
    To stop wind from entering your home and pressurizing it, maybe leading to the roof lifting off, reinforce your garage door or install a hurricane-rated garage door. To keep your garage door from falling in strong winds, either install a hurricane-resistant garage door or add bracing to your current garage door.

  6. Elevated Foundations:
    Consider raising your property on pilings or a raised foundation in flood-prone locations to reduce flood damage. Elevating your home properly will also lessen the chance that water will get inside. Elevating your property is crucial if you reside on a waterfront property. 

  7. Secure Outdoor Items:
    Secure outdoor furniture, grills, and other objects that a hurricane could turn into projectiles. These things have the potential to seriously harm both your home and the homes around it.

  8. Soffit and Fascia Protection:
    Make sure your home’s soffits and fascia are well fastened to prevent them from being torn off by violent winds, which could lead to gaps that allow wind and water to enter.

  9. Proper Drainage:
    Make sure your property is equipped with efficient drainage systems to direct water away from your home. This can lessen the chance of flooding.

  10. Tree Maintenance:
    To reduce the possibility of limbs or entire trees falling during a storm, regularly trim and maintain the trees on your property.

  11. Secure Entry Points:
    To increase security and defend against strong winds, reinforce entry door frames and install deadbolt locks.
If you have checked and done all these things to your property, you should be prepared enough for a hurricane or tropical storm. It’s crucial to be updated about hurricane predictions and any local authorities evacuation orders. The potential damage and risks connected with storms can be greatly reduced by being ready and having a well-maintained, hurricane-resistant home.
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