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Have you ever tried jackfruit before? It is an interesting fruit based on how it looks and definitely has an interesting taste. In this blog, we will talk about the origin of jackfruit, where in Florida you can find them growing and some benefits when incorporating them in your diet.

Jackfruit is scientifically known as Artocarpus heterophyllus and it is believed to have originated in the Western Ghats rainforests in India. As a matter of fact, India is the largest producer of jackfruit in the entire world. This region has a long history of cultivating jackfruit, which has long been a staple of the local diet. In addition, jackfruit is produced in other tropical regions of the world and in other parts of India. It is currently grown in countries throughout Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, Africa, and portions of the Americas since it has adapted well to a variety of climates.

The Jackfruit has a unique appearance. The skin of the fruit is green, spiky and a bit uneven. Inside the fruit, it has large, yellow or golden bulbs that each contain a seed. As for the flavour. It has a sweet, fruity flavor that is similar to a mix of banana and pineapple. Because of its similar texture to pulled chicken or pork, the ripe jackfruit is frequently used in vegetarian and vegan recipes in place of meat. This fruit is versatile so it can be used to make sweet and savory dishes. When ripe, it can be consumed raw, or when unripe, it can be cooked. Since the young, green jackfruit absorbs the flavors of the items it cooks with, it is frequently utilized in savory dishes.

Since many Florida regions have climates that are conducive to growing tropical fruits, jackfruit can be cultivated there. You can find it growing in South Florida as areas like Miami, Homestead and the Florida Keys have tropical climates that make them conducive to grow. You can also find them in central Florida, more so in areas that have a warmer and subtropical climate. Southwest Florida and the West Coast have warmer temperatures that create a suitable environment for the cultivation of jackfruit. If you live in any of these area, there is a high chance that you can grow them right in your own backyard. 

Jackfruit has several health benefits so incorporating it to your diet would make a nutritious addition.

  1. Rich in vitamins and minerals

    – Vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, and other vitamins and minerals are among the many important components that jackfruit is a good source of. The general health and wellbeing of an individual depends on these nutrients.

  2. Aids in digestion

    – Jackfruit contains dietary fiber which helps to prevent constipation and overall, just helps in proper digestion.

  3. Boosts immunity

    – There are high amounts of Vitamin C in jackfruits. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that supports healthy skin, strengthens the immune system, and shields cells from damage from free radicals.

  4. Prevention of ulcers

    – The natural chemicals in jackfruit may help prevent ulcers from forming inside the stomach.

  5. Regulation of blood sugar
    Jackfruit is absorbed and digested by our body more slowly than certain other foods. This implies that eating this fruit will slow down the rate at which your blood sugar rises. According to one study, jackfruit extract helped diabetics better regulate their blood sugar.

  6. Regulates blood pressure
    The jackfruit contains potassium, which may help lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease, stroke, and bone loss.

  7. Can help prevent cancer
    Natural substances called phytonutrients, which can be present in jackfruit, may be able to prevent the formation of cancer cells in your body.

Now for some fun facts.
  1. It is the largest fruit tree in the world.
  2. Just one fruit from the jackfruit tree can weigh up to 110 pounds.
  3. You can even eat the seeds from the jackfruit.
  4. There are 2 types of jackfruit: One is small and mushy, and it has a slimy and sweet taste and the other is not as sweet and has a crisp and crunchy flesh.
  5. Jackfruit may be higher in some vitamins and minerals than apples, apricots, bananas, and avocados. For example, it’s rich in vitamin C and one of the few fruits that’s high in B vitamins.

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