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June Highlights: Grow Inn Homes Monthly Recap


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June blog

Here’s an overview of what we had growinn on in June.
Happy Independence Day!
We hope everyone is having an amazing 4th of July weekend.

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Renovations on our Newly Purchased Apartment Complex:
The renovations at our Apartment Complex in Palm City have been going well. We were able to complete one full unit’s worth of renovations and started working on another two. The exterior of the property has been painted and Vince and Anthony started tightening up the landscaping. While cleaning out the attics the Grow Inn Homes team found a vintage can collection!

Fresh Paint Job
Kitchen Update and Exterior Cleanup
Vintage can collection

Started Planting a Brand New System:
Also in the green space at this apartment complex, the new food garden has been prepped to plant out the first week of July. Here’s a list of some of the fruit trees we plan on planting:
Sapodilla, Jackfruit, Avocado, Red Custard Apple, Sugar Apple, Rollinia, Banana, Plantain, and more!!


Hobe Sound Headquarters Update:
It is officially the third growing season at Grow Inn Homes Headquarters. GIH Headquarters is located in Martin County Florida where the Coletti family is operating Grow Inn Homes. There is a full blown food garden system that is used to grow food and as a living nursery for the new fruit trees being planted at the new Grow Inn Homes properties.

Vince and Anthony did a ton of pruning (chopping and dropping) to add more sunlight and airflow to their thriving food garden system.

This month the team harvested bananas, papayas, and their largest pineapple this season (so far).

Big Banana Removal
Pineapple Harvest
Papaya Harvest

Fruit In Season:
June in Florida means the start of Mango Season! Check out these pictures and videos of Camila and Anthony picking up superior varieties of mangos at Tropical Acres and the Zill families Mango Grove.

June in Florida is the last month of Lychee season. See you next year Lychees!!

Live Calls with Thiago from Syntropic Solutions:
We finished up our seventh live call with Thiago from Syntropic Solutions. These calls gave a ton of value about how to grow food successfully all over the world. Thank you to all our supporters who interacted with us on those call. You can see the replay of this last call here:


What’s in store for July:
In July our goal is to have another 2 units completed at our new Apartment complex. We would like to start marketing two of the units to tenants by the end of July.

We started filming our “7 Day Food Garden” training course teaching people how to grow a lower maintenance, abundant food gardens. This course is scheduled to be available in August! – Stay Tuned!!

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