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Our Multifamily Game Plan

The More Green Space the Better

Taking “Garden Style Multifamily” literally

We grow fruit trees and native Florida plants on our Grow Inn Homes multifamily portfolio properties for our residence and the community to enjoy. We feel that getting more people engaged with nature is a leading domino for togetherness and a brighter future for our planet.

Building our “Plant-folio”

All of our Grow Inn Homes Multifamily Portfolio Properties will have different types of fruit trees and Florida natives growing on them. We have planted an abundance of Mangoes, Bananas, Sapodillas, Yuca, Annonas, Guavas, Jack Fruit, native clumping grasses, native pollinators, and more! We strive to be a model for a more regenerative future that benefits both people and the planet.

Aerial View of residential home with vegetation

Check out how we operate the renovations, residences needs, and edible landscape

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