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Our Roots

Vince Coletti


Just as seeds are sowed and grow from the ground up so are all business. Not all seeds make it to maturity and become big strong oaks, and in reality the odds are stacked against them. That’s also very true for start up businesses. According to the latest data, 90% of start-ups fail. It’s the resilient seeds, the seeds that break the surface and stretch their branches up to our sun that make it. Here’s a little story about our journey as a family owned and operated Real Estate Investment Team. We were once a residential fix and flip company and now we buy Multifamily Garden Style apartment complexes and grow fruit trees and native Florida plants on them.


Anthony Coletti, founder of Grow Inn Homes, started becoming very interested in Real Estate back in 2014. He started as a realtor through Keller Williams and quickly realized that he wanted to transition over to the investment side of real estate. After doing a few residential renovation projects and getting his confidence (and funds) up, he quit his 4 other jobs and went full time into residential real estate fix and flip. Anthony invited a partner on and together they went on to be part of over 150 different single family residential real estate projects. They offered cash to buy properties and were able to problem solve through all different kinds of scenarios: inherited homes, abandoned properties, evictions, squatter evictions, pre foreclosures, probate situations, storm damage, fire damage, quiet title litigations, you name it they did it. They did a professional job and were successful.

Their projects ranged from minor to major home rehabilitations, to management positions, overseeing projects, contractor relationships, and teaming up with different equity partners. They had a few passive commercial investments sprinkled in, but overall they really found a niche within residential real estate. Anthony’s parents and brothers were very helpful during the variety of different projects. Anthony and his old partner went their separate ways in 2022.

In 2019, Anthony’s brother Vince Coletti graduated from college and went on to play 3 summer’s worth of professional baseball for the Oakland A’s organization. In his 5 month off season, he worked part time alongside Anthony, and picked up on the in’s and outs of the business.

2020 was a year of growth; mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I’ve heard Anthony reflect and say “2020 was a very positive turning point in [his] life”, and for a few very special reasons. While still very active in real estate investing, Anthony and Vince started digging deep into the wonders of growing food, specifically fruit trees. After tasting a bunch of fruit they never even heard of, they were instantly hooked. They learned that these tasty fruits grow very well in their hometown South Florida and started learning and connecting with growers all over the state of Florida. In that same year Anthony and Camila met and fell in love. They make an amazing team and I am inspired by their relationship. They are engaged to get married this year 2023! Camila has been an amazing addition to the relationship and emotional side of our business, and more importantly an amazing addition to our family. https://growinnhomes.com/meet-the-team/

That 8 year run led us to this very moment right here right now, Grow Inn Homes. Go check out our “Mission Page” to learn more about the very knowledgeable, experienced, and innovative family investment team, Grow Inn Homes! What sets us apart is our desire to be a model for a more regenerative future that benefits both people and the planet.

As mentioned in our “Mission Page”, our 3 Year Plan consists of: growing 1,000+ native Florida support species, growing 500+ fruit trees, sowing 10,000+ seeds, and own and operate 200 units of multifamily commercial real estate! You may be wondering where we are going to plant all these plants and the answer is: all over the green spaces on our Grow Inn Homes portfolio properties! Our real estate portfolio will help fund our future sustainable and regenerative development projects that we plan on implementing all over the country and eventually all over the world. See more about our passion for planting here: https://growinnbliss.com/

So that’s how we came to be Grow Inn Homes. Our branches are stretching high and reaching for the sun!

Call us anytime if you or anybody you know may be interested in connecting with us or may need help with their property: (954) 231-3954

Thank you for reading.

Much growth and abundance,
Vince Coletti

COO Grow Inn Homes

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