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Have you ever wondered where strawberries originated? How did they get to the U.S.? In this blog, we will talk about where strawberries came from and some of their health benefits. We, Grow Inn Homes, don’t grow strawberries at this time. We are located in Martin County Florida and we prefer to grow perennial fruit trees. Growing strawberries in FL requires more maintenance, attention, and seasonal planning than a Mango Tree. During December through February, there are farms in FL you can go to pick your own strawberries. Before you go, check to see if that farm uses herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Also, check to see if the strawberries are grown in plastic (see picture). Studies have shown that herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and microplastics can leach into the strawberries you eat.
Strawberry field
Grow Inn Homes grows all of our food using all-natural techniques: Composting, chop and drop, mulching, vermicomposting, fish carcasses, etc. Check out this blog for more:

Strawberries are scientifically known as Fragaria X Ananassa. They have a complex history involving multiple species with origins that can be traced to northern Europe and the Americas. The wild strawberry species, Fragaria chiloensis, from the western coasts of North and South America, and Fragaria virginiana from the eastern coast of North America were crossed to create the European strawberry. The cultivated strawberry we know today is the consequence of crossbreeding between these two species in Europe. Since ancient times, people have cherished wild strawberries such as Fragaria vesca (woodland strawberry) and Fragaria chiloensis (beach strawberry). Long before modern garden strawberries were grown, Native Americans in North America and indigenous people in South America used the wild kinds. It was in the 18th century that the cultivation of larger and sweeter strawberries began. Initially grown in France, French and American species gradually spread to other regions of Europe. The evolution of today’s larger, juicier, and more flavorful strawberries was the result of selective breeding over many generations.

FL produces a sizable amount of strawberries, which are mostly farmed in Central and North Florida. They are grown in Florida seasonally in the cooler months December thru February. “Winter” weather in FL is optimal for strawberries as it gives the plant the time to chill out and bear fruit.

Now let’s get into some fun facts.
  1. The plant first had the name strawberry, which later was changed to strawberry.
  2. The term “strawberry” itself likely comes from the practice of placing straw around the plants to protect the berries from pests and rot. The name “strawberry” was first recorded in English in the 14th century.
  3. The early strawberry fruits taste the sweetest.
  4. Strawberries can come in a variety of colors. Strawberries can also be white, pink, yellow, and golden-hued in addition to red. The seeds from the variously colored plants are saved and then crossed with wild strawberry plants to produce these types.

We hope you learned something about strawberries in Florida. Make sure to follow us on our Instagram to see our different gardens at our Grow Inn Apartment Complexes.

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