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Selling to Professional Property Buyer: Local Property Investment Teams

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Selling to a legitimate cash buying property company can offer several advantages, including:

  1. As-Is Condition: Cash buying investment property teams typically purchase homes in their current condition, which means you don’t need to make any repairs or upgrades before selling. This can save you time and money, and allow you to sell your home more quickly.
  2. Quick Closings: Because cash buying property investment teams have the funds to purchase your home outright, they can typically close the sale much more quickly than traditional buyers who need to secure financing. This can be especially helpful if you need to sell your home quickly for personal or financial reasons.
  3. No Commission Fees: When you sell to a cash buying property company, you don’t need to pay any real estate commissions, which can save you thousands of dollars. This can be especially beneficial if you are selling a high-value property.
  4. Certainty: When you work with a cash buying property company, you can enjoy greater certainty and peace of mind, as the sale is not contingent on financing or other factors that can delay or derail the process.
  5. Convenience: Selling to a cash buying property company can be a convenient and hassle-free way to sell your home, as you don’t need to worry about marketing, showing the property, or negotiating with potential buyers.

To ensure that a cash buying company is credible and not a scam, it’s important to do your research and look for certain signs of legitimacy. Here are some things to consider when evaluating a cash buying company:

  1. Check their Google reviews: Look for reviews of the company on Google or other reputable review sites. Read through the reviews to get a sense of the company’s reputation, and pay attention to any negative feedback or warning signs.
  2. Look for a professional website: Legitimate cash buying companies will typically have a professional website with detailed information about their services, company history, and contact information. They also have a place to fill in your property address and a best way to get in contact. Be wary of companies with poorly designed or unprofessional websites.
  3. Check their social media platforms: Many legitimate cash buying companies will have an active presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Look for companies that post regularly and engage with their followers.
  4. Verify their credentials: Ask them where their cash is coming from. Not a lot of people know this but some investors use hard money lenders to pay cash for the deal. See what their long term vision is, what are they doing with the profits of their sales. Do they have a longer term goal of giving back and align with some of your personal values? Scammers don’t have those genuine answers to deeper questions. 


There are plenty of legit cash buying investment teams all over the country. Google them, see what pops up and use those techniques above. By taking these steps to research various property cash buying companies, you can help protect yourself from scams and ensure that you are working with a reputable and trustworthy investment team.

Overall, selling to a legitimate, reputable, and trustworthy property investment team can be a great option for homeowners who want to sell quickly and avoid the hassle of traditional real estate transactions. The professional companies provide a “White Glove Service.” (Here at Grow Inn Homes we also provide the “Green Thumb Service)

P.S:  Seller Financing is another way to sell your home and is offered by some of these companies. For example, this option is good for a rental portfolio owner in the situation of cashing out and putting it all in a bank. That would only earn you and your family only 0.2% return on your money. Through owner finance you get monthly checks and balloon payments and negotiate interest terms and trust clauses. (See Owner Finance Blog)

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